What will the proceeds of the auction go to?

The money raised will be used to provide support to our PTA programs, including Running Tribe, Community Garden, and Community Outreach. Also, it will provide support for field trip scholarships, purchase classroom materials, provide teacher training, and enhance the technology services available to our students.

How much of the proceeds will stay at Dommerich?

100% of the proceeds from Big Chiefs' Night Out will stay at Dommerich!

Do I need a bidder number to bid on an item?

Yes, please go to the Sign Up page and sign up for a number online. You may also purchase your tickets and recieve your bidder number in person, at the auction.

How do I get a bidder number?

Pre-register on this website under the Sign Up tab. You will be asked to pay by credit card to complete your registration. Once registration is complete, you will receive your bidder number by email.

What Food Options are Available?

The buffet is included in your ticket price and consists of:

Beef Sliders
Chicken Quesadillas
Margarita Flatbreads
Hawaiian Flatbreads
Mac & Cheese Cups
Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Crudites with Ranch and Blue Cheese
Assorted Dessert Shooters, Cookies and Brownies

What Drink Options are Available?

Drinks can be purchased in advance, when you register. They may also be purchased at the door (cash & check ONLY, for drink purchases). Below, is a detailed list of drink options:

Soft Drinks- $2/Each
Beer- $5/Each
Wine & Mixed Drinks- $7 Each

*​First 50 people to sign up will get a free drink token*
We encourage pre-payment online for drinks to make for a smooth check-in.

What if I want to pay by cash or check?

Cash and Check payments for tickets available at the event will be for the auction entry & drinks only. The buffet option is ONLY available online PRIOR to the night of the auction.

If you choose to pay with cash or check the night of the auction, you will need to complete the registration form/get your bidder number with a committee member at the door to the auction.

How do I pay for my items I won?

There will be committee members doing check out at the end of the auction on iPads or you can pay online after the auction is over on this website under the Check Out tab.

How do I receive my items?

If you pay for your items the night of the auction at close out, you will take them home with you! We encourage this!

If you leave early or choose to pay online from home that night or the next day, pick up times and locations will be posted on the home page of this website after the auction.

Is my online credit card donation and payment secure?

Yes! We have teamed up with PayPal to provide secure payment transactions through our website. No payment information is saved at the end of your transaction, to ensure your payment information remains confidential.